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First Monday Trade Days Vendor Information

Where to Set Up Your Booth

Various booth sizes, locations and amenities are available to vendors at different venues. Some booths are covered, others are open air. Some are air conditioned, others are not.

Venues are operated by and rented by various groups, organizations and rental authorities.

Potential vendors need to contact the appropriate rental authority to learn about booth sizes, booth costs, rental terms, and contractual agreements.

The operators of this website have no affiliation or connection with any group or organization that rents space or booths to vendors.

The following is list of the more popular venues that provide rental space to vendors:

Original Trade Days Park

Dry Creek Landing at Canton First Monday Trade Days in Texas ... indoor booths and selling spaces for vendors

Booths and selling spaces at the Original Trade Days Park are operated by the City of Canton. These include:

  • Trade Centers 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Canton Civic Center
  • Dry Creek Landing
  • Outdoor vendor lots

Vendors are required to comply with all city, state and federal laws, rules, regulations, as well as all other rules and regulations pertaining to First Monday.

To register and make reservations for booths at the Original Trade Days Park, contact:

First Monday Trade Days
800 First Monday Lane
P.O. Box 665
Canton, TX 75103
Phone (903) 567-6556
Fax (903) 567-2923

Lewis Section

The Lewis Section is adjacent to the original grounds, and includes these venues:

  • The Arbors
  • Trade Days Pavilions I, II, III
  • Original Pavilions 4000, 4500, 6000, 6500
  • The Atrium
  • Creekside Shops
  • Outdoor booth spaces

For more information or to submit an application for a booth in the Lewis Section, contact:

Lewis First Monday office
385 W. Dallas
Canton, TX 75103
Phone (903) 581-1876

Old Mill Marketplace

100 acre shopping area, which includes The Pavilions, The Village Shops, The Mountain and the Canton RV Park.

542 E. Dallas Street in Canton
Phone (903) 567-5445

Canton Marketplace

Temperature controlled shopping area, trolley service and RV Park.

1455 N. Trade Days (Highway 19)
Phone (903) 567-7772

List of Phone Numbers for First Monday Venues

Venue Phone Number
First Monday Trade Days 903.567.6556
Canton Civic Center 903.567.1067
Lewis First Monday Arbors, Pavilions & Outdoors 903.581.1876
Old Mill Marketplace 903.567.5445
Canton Marketplace 903.567.7772
Canton Trade Center 214.236.0853
Curry Trade Grounds (Animals) 903.567.6197
Mill Creek Trade Grounds (Animals) 903.530.2628


More Information for Vendors

For more detailed information, policies, parking, set-up, concessions, payments, etc. for vendors, visit the official First Monday web site, at ...

Covered booths at Pavilion II
The Original Pavilion ... Canton First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Texas, a favorite selling venue for vendors

Open booths at Canton First Monday Trade Days
Open booths at Canton First Monday Trade Days