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Canton and First Monday Trade Days Maps

Canton is located on I-20, between Dallas and Shreveport. Another major east-west highway through town is Texas Highway 64 (Dallas Street). Texas Highway 19 (Trade Days Boulevard) runs north-south directly through the grounds of Canton First Monday. Most shoppers use Exit 527 off of I-20.

First Monday Trade Days, Canton, Texas, shopping orientation map

Aerial view of the Canton First Monday Trade Days flea market in Texas
Aerial view of the Canton First Monday Trade Days flea market in Texas

Shown below is an interactive area map of Canton, Texas, First Monday Trade Days streets, pavilions and shopping venues.

GPS Coordinates

If you are using a GPS device to guide you to Canton and First Monday, use these Canton Coordinates:

32° 33′13″N, 95° 52′0″W

Other Area Info

Elevation 505'

Zip Code 75103

Area Code 903

Interactive Map of the Canton Texas Area


Distances from nearby Texas cities to First Monday Trade Days

Dallas to Canton - 61 miles, 1:02 travel time

Arlington - 81 miles, 1:29 travel time

Plano - 68 miles, 1:40 travel time

Ft. Worth - 92 miles, 1:38 travel time

Houston to Canton - 210 miles, 3:55 travel time

San Antonio - 295 miles, 5:14 travel time

Austin - 217 miles, 4:00 travel time

Abilene - 240 miles, 4:10 travel time

Waco - 116 miles, 2:15 travel time

Texarkana - 144 miles, 2:30 travel time

Shreveport - 131 miles, 2:18 travel time

Map and chart of Driving Times to Canton and First Monday Trade Days